After marrying Moses Chan (陳豪), Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) focuses on taking care of her family and remains active in her social media account. On 1st February 2020, she shared photo of her close-up face and the public suspected she went under the knife.

In the photo, Aimee shows her “cashew nut” eyes when smiling and her lower chip also resembles “cashew nut”, as it looks very sharp. Many netizens reckoned she edited the photo and wondered if she went for plastic surgery for her lower chin: “Did you go for injection? You look like a witch and have you gone under the knife? Photoshop on your face, please don’t do that. Oh my god, your lower chin is too sharp.” Subsequently, Aimee responded personally: “It is the angle problem only. Thank you for the concern.”

Finally, Aimee uploaded another photo of her family going for house visiting and Moses was playing games with his sons. She pointed the adults were supposed to drink while chatting and the children were playing games, but they were engrossed in their games instead.