As the vice-president of ATV, Frankie Lam (林文龍) led a group of his artistes to wish “happy new year” to everyone and wore a mask during an interview on 31st January 2020. When asked about his wishes during new year, he replied Wuhan virus was currently wide-spreading and hope the festive season will bring good luck to the public.

Frankie revealed ATV will be entering into a new stage and restructuring a new framework after festive season. He reckoned the company’s operation will resume after 28th June 2020: “It will be completely different with a new image by that time. During the renovation period, I will continue to work at home, hold meetings with the staff outside and look for talents at the same time. (Is there any staff retrenchment?) It depends on their contributions and the company will retain them as long as we need them. They must have confidence in themselves and it is unnecessary to worry.”

Frankie added he cancelled all the gatherings and his whole family stayed at home during lunar new year because of Wuhan virus. Mentioning about the shortage of face masks supply in the market, he praised his wife Kenix Kwok (郭可盈) had purchased it before it became a serious condition: “We are not worried about the stock at the moment. Hopefully they will find a cure soon and it is considered a basic aspect to breathe fresh air without a mask, after the transformation in ATV. I really wish Hong Kong is virus free soon. (Did ATV Chairman, Jessy Lai (賴彩雲) mail 200,000 masks to ATV staff from Malaysia?) ATV staff are Hong Kong citizens.”