The virus in Wuhan is wide-spreading and there were 16 confirmed cases on 3rd February 2020. According to the Hospital Authority (醫管局) on 4th February, a man aged 39 year old was confirmed to be infected and passed away at Princess Margaret Hospital (瑪嘉烈醫院) in the same morning. It is also the first death case because of Wuhan virus in Hong Kong. As a result, everyone is struggling to buy face masks and there is severe shortages in the local market. Many artistes are forced to source for the supply in overseas.

In the morning on 4th February, an Apple Daily HK (蘋果) reader named Sammy reported through (爆相爆片) that he saw Matt Yeung (楊明) was asking about face masks at a pharmacy in Shinjuku City, Japan. Sammy said: “Around 11pm, I saw Lisa Chong (莊思明) and Matt were checking with the staff about the face masks in a mixture of Mandarin and English. Matt told Lisa in a disappointed tone that it was out of stock again after going to 3 to 4 pharmacies. Eventually, both left after Lisa bought some medicines.”

When asked if many local people were buying face masks, Sammy said: “Yes. One person is allowed to buy a pack only and the staff is clueless when asked about the next supply. Because of the large demand in China, one person or family can only buy a pack.”

Lately on Instagram, Lisa shared photo of herself holidaying in Japan and going for skiing on 3rd February. She left an online message: “Skiing in February! 2nd February 2020! #ski trip 2020 #ski #I love snow #snow #Japan trip #no face masks here #please remember your personal hygiene #wash hands frequently #take vitamin C #positive energy #stay healthy”