Sandra Ng (吳君如) and Peter Chan (陳可辛) took their daughter Jilian Chan (陳是知) for a vacation in overseas with Jilian’s cousin and the maid. On 4th February 2020, they wore face masks while checking in at the counter with minimal luggages.

After completing the check in procedures, they allowed the reporters to take photos and Sandra said: “Spending for a few days in overseas and we must be extra cautious since the children have no lessons now.” She declined to reveal the destination and had made safety precautions as the virus in Wuhan was wide-spreading. When asked if she planned to buy face masks in overseas, Sandra said helplessly: “Oh well! No idea and I prefer not to think about it. That girl is my daughter’s cousin and they feel bored staying at home all the time.”

Mentioning that her new film (媽媽的神奇小子) was affected because of the virus, Sandra said: “Most jobs are affected in every countries. Everyone must be extra careful.” Lastly, Peter had no response when asked about the airing for his new film, Leap (奪冠) was postponed due to the virus.