As the virus in Wuhan is spreading rapidly, there are severe shortages of face masks and disinfectants in Hong Kong and the cooking oil at the supermarket are sold out as well. Sammy Leung (森美) returned to Hong Kong from France not long ago and shared photo of himself holding half-used toilet roll. He remarked he had to control the usage and said: “Went to the supermarket earlier and the toilet rolls are sold out. Luoyang paper is still cheaper than toilet rolls though. I have to control the usage now. #please do not be afraid #must remain calm #exercise #strengthen our immune system”

Subsequently, Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) told Sammy to relax as she could not buy any rice and might not have rice for dinner soon. She left an online message: “How are you? Let me share my experience first. Upon waking up, I read the news online and it is still out of stock. My family member told me someone bought a bag of rice at the supermarket but I walked out empty-handed. Watching a drama right now. Anyway, let’s save the important necessities to the needy people.”