The virus in Wuhan has spread to Hong Kong and there are severe shortages of face masks, disinfectants, toilet rolls and rice in the market. Many artistes donated face masks to the needy people and Selena Lee (李施嬅) is one of them. She purchased it online and felt helpless that it was not delivered to Hong Kong.

On 7th February 2020, Selena posted a message that she ordered huge quantities of face masks from overseas website 3 weeks ago via her Facebook account. She hoped to donate it to the needy people but it was not delivered after her return from Canada. Selena said: “Feel very heartbroken and helpless. I really wish to help the needy people but it is no longer within my control and money cannot even resolve it. I feel I am useless upon seeing the medical team trying to defeat the virus and everybody fighting for survival everyday. Before returning to Canada 3 weeks ago, I ordered huge quantities of face masks for the elderly people but it is not here yet. Looks like it will be delayed forever.

I believe there will be a cure one day and we must protect ourselves by exercising and washing our hands frequently. Let’s cheer for each other and do our parts as the citizens.” In addition, Selena emphasised to give extra face masks to other people, it was the wrong timing to make profits and saving people were most important.