In November 2019, Eliza Sam (岑麗香) and her husband Joshua Ngo moved to a luxurious mansion at Conduit Road at the Central, and are prepared to apply for a prestigious school for their son Jacob who is turning a year old.

Around 6pm a few days ago, Apple Daily HK (蘋果) discovered Eliza and her family were having Western cuisine for dinner with their friends in a restaurant at the Central. Jacob sat in between Eliza and Joshua and appeared to have a good appetite and both took turn to feed him. Eliza was wearing the face mask all the time and only pulled it down to her chin when eating.

After finishing the meal for 1.5hours later, Joshua wore back his face mask and carried two bags while Eliza carried Jacob who did not wear any face mask, upon walking out from the restaurant. As her friends discovered the reporters’ presence, Eliza pulled Jacob’s face to her chest immediately and followed her husband to another street. When asked if she supported Hong Kong government and had sufficient face masks supply, Eliza only smiled while continuing to walk. It turned out that their 7-seater vehicle was parked over there and their friends ensured the children boarded the car first. Eliza wore back her face mask quickly after double checking Jacob sat at the child seat safely. Lastly, she sat at the passenger seat besides her husband who was preparing to drive off.