Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) and Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) fell in love in reality and announced their relationship quickly after shooting Madam Cutie on Duty (師奶MADAM) drama in 2015. After 3 years later, Edwin suddenly revealed Priscilla and he had tied the knot for 6 months in New Zealand, while delivering his thank you speech for winning Most Popular On-Screen Partnership (最受歡迎電視拍檔) Award with Raymond Wong (曹永廉) during TVB Anniversary Awards (萬千星輝頒獎典禮). They then held their wedding ceremony in Bali in 2019.

Apparently, it has been a long time for both of them to work together and Edwin expressed he did not mind it but need to consider after reading the script: “Will the audiences fail to differentiate the reality if we are playing a sweet couple again? It will be challenging for us to act as siblings, enemies or my brother by giving her a hair wig.”

Although both were urged to have a baby frequently, but Edwin explained they delayed it because of their hectic work life: “Honestly speaking, we are different from other married couples and hope to have some achievements since working in this sector. If I tell Priscilla to have a baby and give up her job now, I will be considered selfish since she has strong passion in her work. I really hope she will accomplish work achievements before thinking about the next step. Overall, I cannot be a selfish man and my wife is my top priority.” Edwin is indeed a good husband who dotes on Priscilla.

When mentioned about Priscilla did not want to cooperate with Tony Hung (洪永城) again as Edwin and he worked together happily in Of Greed and Ants (黃金有罪) drama, he explained both knew each other for a long time and Tony treated Priscilla as his “family member”. Asking if he sought revenge for Priscilla who was bullied by Tony frequently, Edwin said: “My wife treats him as a younger “brother” and likes to make fun of him. They will settle it by themselves and do not need a third party to intervene in their affair.”

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