Him Law (羅仲謙) and Tavia Yeung (楊怡) are married for 4 years and announced about becoming parent together on their social media accounts on 13th February 2020. 40-year-old Tavia is rumoured to be expecting for 6 months and the estimated date of delivery is in this May.

Hence, many reporters were waiting outside their flat. Around 2.30pm on 13th February, Him drove out from his apartment to a nearby gym for training and thanked them for the blessings. He revealed Tavia was currently resting at home and remained healthy. (Do you know the baby’s gender?) I have nothing much to say and let’s wait for a later time.”

On Instagram, Him disclosed he found it hard to believe when Tavia was expecting initially: “I was quite calm which is considered a joy. (Disallow her to go out because of Wuhan virus?) I will accompany her and try to go to less crowded places.”

Him added he will be filming new drama and making safety precautions, so as not to bring the germs back to the house: “I have sufficient face masks and thank you for the help from my family and friends.”

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