Lisa Chong (莊思明) was slammed by the public for disclosing the crew team members list due to the borrowing pen incident earlier. On 10th February 2020, Matt Yeung (楊明) and she returned to Hong Kong from Japan and pulled the baggage trolley at the airport. They expressed the trip lasted for more than 10 days and continued with the travelling, despite the virus in Wuhan. Lisa pointed both had made safety precautions in the plane and wore face masks throughout in Japan. They added it was difficult to buy face masks over there as well and Matt said: “We do not mind as long as it is face mask.”

Because of Wuhan virus, many businesses including Hins Cheung’s (張敬軒) bakery shop were closed down. When mentioned about his soup restaurant was vandalised repeatedly, Matt said: “It is hard to avoid because of social unrest and virus. Fortunately, my business is still surviving because of the supports from the citizens. I have suspended the plan for opening another branch and maintaining personal hygiene is the most important. Other than eating, my staff must wear face masks all the time and try to find it from other sources.