Joel Chan (陳山聰) recorded the show (娛樂大家十點半) at TV City on 10th February 2020. When mentioned about taken photos of visiting Tsuen Wan Lung Mo Temple with his wife earlier, he denied about praying for a son and explained his mother and wife clashed with yearly emperor (攝太歲) this year: “I pray on behalf of my mother as the virus in Wuhan is wide-spreading. (Take the opportunity to have baby?) Nope, in case of cross infection risk. My work is totally suspended now.”

When Shaun Tam (譚俊彥) gave him tips about having baby, Joel laughed and said: “No need. What matters most is all citizens stay healthy. (Keep a distance from your wife?) Nope. We have been watching drama at home and I sleep immediately once lying in bed. I finish watching Takuya Kimura’s (木村拓哉) series and Korean drama, Crash Landing On You (愛的迫降) until 3am. (Dare not have a baby now?) It depends on destiny and hopefully there is a cure soon.”