TVB artiste Mandy Wong (黃智雯) and Candice Chiu (趙希洛) were invited to the press conference of a fashion show in New York by a company on 10th February 2020. It was their first time to attend a fashion show in New York and they remained happy despite walking in a cold and rainy weather. Both took selfie immediately upon entering into the venue and Mandy said: “We usually study, walk and travel together. We saw 2 fashion shows earlier and will be returning to Hong Kong on 13th February after completing the shooting work.”

When asked if they made any safety precautions in the plane, Candice said: “I take note of my personal hygiene all along and wear face mask and use alcohol-based cleaning products, once inside the plane. I keep washing my hands in the plane and it becomes sensitive now.”

Checking if they went for shopping in New York, Mandy said: “We know that Hong Kong lacks of disinfectant products and try to buy it for our family and friends immediately, once reaching New York. (Did the virus affect your work?) I am currently resting and the virus becomes serious after wrapping up the play (今晚打老虎). I seldom meet up with my friends too.” Candice added it did not cause much implications to her work and hoped there will be a cure soon.