As the virus in Wuhan is wide-spreading, Sammy Leung (森美) revealed his anxiety at TV City on 10th February 2020, as he heard the duration of the quarantine was more than 20 days instead of 2 weeks: “Before lunar new year, I hosted an event for a company and it was extremely crowded. At the time, I had close body contacts with a group of women and felt worried whenever thinking about it.” He added he was currently working at the radio station once per week and stayed at home frequently, in order to reduce the risk of infection.

In addition, Sammy revealed he lacked of face masks and rice at home and fortunately, his friend gave him a helping hand: “Many necessities are lacking in Hong Kong upon returning from overseas. I told my friend I have no face masks and he gives it to me immediately. Also, thank you to Kitty Yuen’s (小儀) mother for giving bleaching water to me and she has a “gigantic stove” which can store lots of junks. (Kitty and a muscular man go for hiking together?) It happens all the time and the opposite party is not an executive producer in the radio station. I help her to find men while she helps me to find bleach water, and she has two male friends now because of me. (Happy ending?) It depends on that man’s patience and not everyone is as patient as me. (Keep her as your mistress?) I am not a fool and it is enough when hosting show with her.”