Many people choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day either with their lovers or families but some treat it as an ordinary day. On 15th February 2020, Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) who is turning 54 year old revealed she stopped celebrating Valentine’s Day since 18 year old through her Weibo account: “I am a low-key person and it is normal for me not to celebrate it since entering into the show business from 18 year old. I am also afraid of the romance might be exposed and it is meaningless to show your love on that day.

Upon recalling the days working in TVB, many artistes hope to apply leave to celebrate Valentine’s Day and I offer to film the scenes when everyone is thinking of rejecting it. I feel happy to shoot it alone and focus on my favourite activity as well. Thus, it is normal for me especially when single.

During the past few years, I have achieved to a higher level and become the best lover for myself. On that day, I will arrange to watch my favourite show and meet up with my female friends who are single. Please remember we control our destiny and you can choose to spend the type of Valentine’s Day that you like. How is your celebration?”