Wong He (王喜) performed a scene of providing “crime prevention advice” (驚方訊息) in Radio Television Hong Kong (港台) show, Headliner (頭條新聞) which caused complaint from police commissioner. Upon replying to the media, Wong He said he had not received any notifications related to the programme and hinted it will continue to air another episode. On 17th February 2020, he organised an online recruitment about helping disabled and needy people to buy necessities and welcoming former cops to safeguard the citizens’ lives and assets.

Wong He posted a message: “Recruiting people to do voluntary work such as buying necessities for the needy people and sending the patients to the clinics. I also welcome former police officers to safeguard the lives and assets by using their private vehicles. The services start from 0900 to 1800, Monday to Friday. There is no pay and it will be disband after the virus.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20200217/1581924007767/%e3%80%90%e6%9c%8d%e5%8b%99%e7%8d%a8%e5%b1%85%e5%81%8f%e9%81%a0%e9%95%b7%e8%80%85%e3%80%91%e7%8e%8b%e5%96%9c%e7%b6%b2%e4%b8%8a%e6%8b%9b%e5%8b%9f%e7%be%a9%e8%bc%89-%e6%ad%a1%e8%bf%8e%e5%89%8d%e8%ad%a6%e5%93%a1%e5%8f%83%e8%88%87