Selena Lee (李施嬅) and Gabriel Harrison (海俊傑) discussed about their acting and singing collaborations in Forensic Heroes IV (法證先鋒IV) during a TVB show hosted by Edmond Hui (許文軒) earlier.

Both sang the song (二次緣) together and Gabriel praised Selena sang very well: “She is extremely nervous and comes to my house to practise singing in early morning. She writes on the lyrics everywhere and it resembles to memorising a script.” Selena confessed she felt very nervous and even approached a singing teacher and singer for guidances, but the singing producer Ronald Ng (伍樂城) told her it was unnecessary to make the plan in advance. She had to use another voice to sing as a result.

Gabriel revealed it had been nearly 20 years since filming TVB drama and Selena told him to relax, while he gave her the same advice when singing: “Perhaps I have been filming Chinese drama frequently and tend to speak Mandarin at the set.” Selena said: “I reckon Gabriel seldom shoots relationship scenes and the director told him to focus by giving me additional love. His wife also tells him the same thing and suggests us to go out together on Valentine’s Day last year. Finally, we establish good rapports and cultivate feelings to film that kissing scene.”