Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) achieves good results after making a comeback to the industry. She won two awards (鑽石MV歌曲) and (鑽石躍進歌手) based on the song, I Love You (做你的晨曦) composed by herself at AEG Music Channel Award (AEG Music音樂排行榜頒獎典禮).

Linda expressed it was very meaningful as related to her whole family: “Initially, I composed it for my children and it is extremely suffering when shooting the MV at the time. My elder daughter Kelly keeps watching the MV and it is surprising to see that my husband Jeremy and she performed very well. He completed the take within one try and both deserve to win best actor and actress awards.”

Apparently, the music ceremony is supposed to conduct on 15th February 2020 and it is delayed because of Wuhan virus. However, they decide to present the awards to the singers since putting in lots of efforts last year.