Selena Lee (李施嬅) left TVB after working for 16 years. She joins an American agency, Authentic and becomes colleague with Hollywood actress, Brie Larson (貝兒娜森). She bagged Best Actress (最佳女主角) Award based on US movie, Once More during European Cinematography Awards and Los Angeles Film Awards in 2017. Subsequently, Selena was nominated for Best Supporting Actress (女配角) Award representing Blood and Water drama in 2019 Canadian Screen Awards.

When asked about her target this year, Selena felt happy to film a foreign drama as the female lead: “Simu Liu (刘思慕) is the first Chinese hero in the first season of Marvel and I participate from the second season. I believe this drama brings good luck to the cast team members.” She revealed the script for the third instalment was tailor-made for her and felt it was a magic, upon seeing her name appeared in the top cast team member list.

Mentioning about her dry love life as she will be turning 40 year old next year, Selena replied she decided to focus on her career for 1 to 2 years before thinking about romance: “I know I will slow down my pace and place my family as top priority, after settling down and having children. Thus, it is best to focus on my career now.” She added she did not mind long distance relationship since working in overseas frequently and her partner must be understanding towards her job. Finally, Selena did not mind “freezing” her eggs but it was unnecessary as she was currently in a tip-top condition.