Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) is known as a “cutie pie” and continues to look young despite at 35 year old. A few days ago, she cut her fringe short at a hair salon and looked even younger. Rainie said: “Anyway, I am free and might as well go for a haircut and change hair colour. Yes, it makes me look younger especially after cutting my fringe short everytime. Turning 36 year old in June.”

“I remembered I cut my fringe short to mark my anniversary year in show business in November 2018. It grows quickly and let’s see how long it takes to grow this time. Overall, I love the new hairstyle and hair colour. Because of this hairstyle, I stay in the hair salon from 1.30pm to 8.30pm. Although it is tiring, but I feel happy upon seeing the new hairstyle. Do you like it? I forbid you to dislike it.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20200227/1582781415673/%e5%9d%90%e8%b6%b37%e5%80%8b%e9%90%98%e8%ae%8a%e3%80%8c%e9%ab%ae%e3%80%8d%e8%a1%93%e6%b8%9b%e9%bd%a1-35%e6%ad%b2%e6%a5%8a%e4%b8%9e%e7%90%b3-%e6%88%91%e7%9c%9f%e7%9a%84%e5%a5%bd%e5%a4%a9%e7%84%b6