Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) is conferred “best girlfriend” (絕世好女友) by the public and pointed to develop feelings for her good friend, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) lately. Hence on Instagram, Samuel Chan (陳思銘) posted a long message and shared his understanding of “gentleness” a few days ago. It appeared that he hinted about his ended relationship with Natalie and replied to the media on 27th February 2020: “We have never been together before.”

In the message, Samuel said he was used to reading a love novel written by Roy Kwong (鄺俊宇) before going to bed in an hour time: “Do you know what is the biggest weapon in the world? It is gentleness. My ex-girlfriend asked me if I truly loved her and I stayed silent. It turns out that time passes slowly if both remain silent. She told me she was returning home and sleeping early after keeping quiet a long time. I offered her a lift but she rejected it by smiling and shaking her head. Subsequently, she called for a cab and left after 5 minutes later. She only gave me a kiss when I told her to call me after reaching home. I finally realise it is a farewell kiss today.”

Samuel added his friend advised him to woo his old love again: “No need to. It is better in this way.” Although he felt depressed upon opening the room door everytime, but Samuel’s decision about parted ways remained firm: “I will definitely choose my career over her and it is pointless to waste her time, since knowing the outcome. Once browsing her recent photos, I discover she has a new relationship and reckon he treats her quite well. He is a sincere man and not bad. Looking at their photo, I realise gentleness is the biggest weapon and considered powerful when he treats her gently. It indeed causes a sharp pain in my heart.” Finally, Samuel disclosed he drank alcohol to drown his sorrow.