The virus in Wuhan is wide-spreading and many countries are infected. There are increasing cases in Japan and Korea which are the favourite destinations of Hong Kong people. Aeroplanes and cruises are classified as high risks of infections as well. As Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) loves to travel and the schools are closed, she decide to take her sons to Thailand for holidays. Other than holding hands tightly at the street earlier, her eldest son Lucas also accompanied Cecilia for shopping and massaging. She posted a happy message on Instagram: “I feel elated as my son accompanies me for massaging.” 12-year-old Lucas was playing with his mobile phone while enjoying the massage and it is evident that he has the quality of being a child actor.

As for her second son Quintus, Cecilia pushed him into the water and was always made fun by her. While shopping at the supermarket, he wanted to buy a mini dumbbell and she suggested him to carry a fridge and washing machine, as the dumbbell was too light for him. Lastly, Cecilia recorded a video clip when Quintus and his friend planned to buy snacks at the supermarket: “We have 3 trolleys and will return to the hotel empty-handed. Please do not put anything inside and it is not window shopping, but pulling a trolley for shopping.” Looks like Quintus has no other solutions when facing his playful mother.