When mentioned about the latest report from (財政預算案) on 26th February 2020, artiste Tony Hung (洪永城) said: “I know they are giving away $10,000 and have no idea about the exact date yet. Many people are waiting for it and hopefully they will distribute it soon. I feel they should use this sum of money to organise promotion campaigns in overseas so that the tourists will visit Hong Kong again. Because of many recent issues, many people dare not travel to Hong Kong and promoting tourism industry is definitely necessary.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20200226/1582725085855/%e3%80%90%e8%b2%a1%e6%94%bf%e9%a0%90%e7%ae%97%e6%a1%882020%e3%80%91%e6%b4%aa%e6%b0%b8%e5%9f%8e%e6%9c%9b%e7%9b%a1%e5%bf%ab%e6%b4%be%e9%8c%a2-%e5%ab%8c%e6%97%85%e9%81%8a%e6%a5%ad%e6%ac%a0%e5%b9%ab%e5%8a%a9