Because of Wuhan virus, many artistes have lesser work and all students stay at home, since the schools are closed. The public are urged to wear face masks, glasses, gloves and carry disinfectants upon going out, but the artistes have to remove their face masks when filming drama.

Around 2pm a few days ago, Grace Chan (陳凱琳) was suspected to have a photo shoot for a magazine at Tai Hang, as there was a male photographer and two female assistants carrying the shopping bags. During the shooting, all staff and many passer-by wore face masks and it is evident that everybody has a high level of safety knowledge, and tries to reduce the risk of infection.

As for Grace, she had to remove the face mask because of working and the crew team arranged for her to change the outfits at a nearby cafe. While taking a break with the staff outside the entrance, she greeted at the citizens who recognised her and continued without wearing face mask, so as not to affect her make-up. Grace was professional and looked at the photos with the photographer after each photo shoot.

The shooting was wrapped up within 1.5 hours and Grace wore the face mask again immediately. While walking, she carried a cup of coffee and used her mobile phone. Subsequently, Grace went into a building and left shortly after checking with the security guard. Finally, she boarded a tram heading towards Causeway Bay.