It is Samantha Ko’s (高海寧) second time to distribute face masks after lunar new year at Yau Tong Centre on 4th March 2020. She revealed there was 2 boxes of face masks at home and had to save it for her mother and brother whom needed to buy food and work. Hence, Samantha tried to stay at home frequently.

When asked about the break up rumours with her boyfriend Tang Chi Wai (鄧智偉) as she stopped following him on Instagram, Samantha said: “Why do the public love to monitor such stuff? I used to follow more than 600 people and reduce to around 300 people now. (Any reasons for doing that?) Chi Wai has never follow me and please refrain from blowing up the matter. It is my personal affair and I try to stick to my principle. (Are you single now?) No reply at all.” Finally, she denied about her desire to date and planned to focus on her career, so as to make repayments for her flat.