Recently, Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) takes her 3 sons including Marcus Cheung (張豪龍) to Thailand Ko Samui for holidays and updates their trip for the past consecutive days. However based on the news source on 9th March 2020, Cecilia had an argument with the air crew members because of carrying Marcus who was a year old and they were forced to alight from the plane.

On the following day, Cecilia shared a short video clip of her sons Lucas and Quintus playing games in the hotel room without mentioning about the plane incident on Instagram. A few hours ago, she uploaded photo of Lucas enjoying the flight meal and another photo of herself interacting with her 2 sons in the plane. The last photo showed Cecilia and her 3 sons were in the vehicle and it is believed they have left Thailand successfully. She also wrote “long trip” and ever wonder if they have return to Hong Kong yet?