As Wuhan virus is wide-spreading, Thai government made a sudden announcement that Thailand Tourism Bureau HK Office (旅遊局香港辦事處) required all Hong Kong tourists were assigned under quarantine zone for 14 days. However, it is confusing as they have not revealed the commencement date and time. Coincidentally, an Apple Daily HK (蘋果) reader, Mr Wong (黃先生) reported through (爆相爆片) that Louis Koo (古天樂) travelled to Bangkok on 9th March 2020 and did not need to go for isolation.

During a telephone interview with Apple Daily HK, Mr Wong revealed he took the same flight in business class with Louis to Bangkok at 9.10am on 9th March: “Louis is the last one to board the plane after an air-stewardess announces his name. It is around 9am at the time and he appears within 5 minutes. There are 2 more people as well.”

Based on the photographs presented by Mr Wong, Louis was dressed in black outfit with KF94 face mask and avoided the eye contacts. Although we could only see his back and side views, but Mr Wong said: “The air-stewardess announces his name and he is definitely Louis. He wears face mask throughout the flight and does not eat any meals. Upon arriving, Louis walks a certain distance and disappears until health control. (Is it smooth when crossing over immigration border?) I have filled in the declaration form in the plane and need to measure my body temperature. I do not need to be under quarantine zone and have to measure my temperature again at the counter, after queuing for an hour.”

Subsequently, Apple Daily HK tried to contact Louis but he was unreachable. Based on the information, Louis has a special effects company which is famous in Thailand and it is believed that it is a business trip. Also in the same afternoon, he updated on his Weibo account without disclosing his location: “Everyone has unlimited desires about longevity and many creations are related to either changing to another body by the machines or transfer the brain cells or soul to another body. Hence, what is the exact definition of longevity? I reckon everyone has his/her own answers and do you have a long lasting interest too?”