Kathy Chow (周汶錡) and her French husband, Julien Lepeu are married for 8 years and have 2 sons. Although he is involved in a cheating affair before marriage, but both remain a loving couple and she shares their love in the air at times. It is believed that it is a big blow to Kathy as Julian is caught red-handed this time.

Based on the news source on 12th March 2020, Julien and a foreign woman behaved intimately at a cafe in Deep Water Bay earlier. He touched her hair, kissed her forehead followed by kissing together passionately. When the media contacted Kathy, she replied: “Please do not ask me.” As for her sister, Niki Chow (周勵淇), she said: “I have no reply.” On 9th March, Kathy shared photo of herself in a sexy bikini at the beach and posted an online message: “Happy women’s day to all of you! #mummy is taking a break #daddy is looking after the children” Ever wonder if Julien takes an opportunity to have an affair while Kathy is in overseas?

Apparently, it is not Julien’s first time to cheat behind Kathy’s back. When he was her fiance at the time, Julien was taken photos of kissing Venus Cheung (張羽希) passionately at the street. In 2009, Venus and Julian were at a bar in Tsim Sha Tsui and he made the first move on her, and introduced to the bartender that she was “his girl”. Subsequently, he tried to hug and kiss her while taking a stroll together at the beach and she pushed him away. Venus felt shocked about his behaviour and clarified she was not a third party.

At that point, Kathy defended her fiance and said sweetly after a month later: “We are fine.” She also hinted Venus was creating trouble and Niki believed Julien was a loyal person. It was obvious that Kathy had deep love for Julien and forgave him. Both proceeded to tie the knot in France in 2012 and took their sons to overseas for holidays frequently. The whole family will return to France for a vacation and skiing in every lunar new year. On day 7 of lunar new year, Kathy shared their family photo on Instagram and Julian has closed his Instagram account, after his extra-marital affair is exposed.

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