Kiki Sheung (商天娥), James Ng (吳業坤), Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Eliza Sam (岑麗香) were present at the worshipping ceremony for new drama, Who Wants a Baby 2 (BB大晒) on 9th March 2020. Kiki felt elated when James called her Kiki and revealed her husband gave her a different name: “Perhaps he calls me Kiki as many people address me as “sister Kiki” and I told her to speak clearly at the back stage. He even laughs until his tears come down.”

Kiki added she agreed to film the series because of the script and played the mother of Kenneth and James: “In the drama, I am a paranoid person and do silly things. Overall, it is a comedy. (Working during the virus period?) Yes, I will be extra careful and keep a distance from everyone other than working. The company has disinfected the studio room and it should be safe. I am wearing a face mask today and hopefully I can find more materials to make different sizes for everybody. I will try my best as the children and elderly people have weaker immune systems.”