Because of the virus outbreak, all schools in Hong Kong are currently closed until 19th April 2020 and the students have been staying at home since lunar new year. Lately, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) takes her children for hiking and beach so as to enjoy the nature.

Around 5pm on that day, Apple Daily HK (蘋果) discovered Aimee was with her kids including Aiden Chan (陳梓燁), Nathan Chan (陳浩鋒) and Camilla Chan (陳凱婷) with 2 maids at Repulse Bay. They walked into an ice-cream store in the shopping mall and her sons licked the ice-cream immediately, while Camilla sat down at one corner and ate it slowly after removing the face mask. As one of the maids was eating ice-cream as well, it was highly likely that Aimee browsed through the company’s website to look for promotions. Upon taking out the water bottle to drink water, Aimee discovered the media’s presence and waved at them. Her children also greeted at the reporters and Camilla said: “Ice-cream!”

When the reporters asked if her kids felt bored staying at home upon walking up to them, Aimee said: “They are fine. (Their face masks are very nice.) We bought it from Canada.” Subsequently, she ignored it when asked about the difficulty to buy face masks in Hong Kong. Aimee prepared tissues to wipe their mouths and appeared considerate since cleaning the table too. Finally, they left the shop without finishing the ice-cream and waved goodbye to the reporters.