Stephanie Ho (何雁詩) promoted her new song (致有夢想的人) at the radio station on 11th March 2020. She expressed it was her first time to release a new song by spending 6 digit figure from her savings after leaving Voice Entertainment (星夢): “It is supposed to be 5 digit but composing, shooting MV and promoting require lots of expenses. (It is a small amount because of your family background and Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) is supporting you?) Nope. My saving is decreasing and we cannot support each other due to the poor market developments.”

Stephanie added she had booked the wedding venue in end 2020 and will be sharing the expenditures together. When mentioned about her mother-in-law pointed Stephanie handled the wedding preparations, she smiled and said: “She knows Fred is an easy-going person and we seldom argue. The ladies have higher expectations about the wedding while the guys loves music and wine.” Finally, she confessed about her worry for the wedding because of the virus and might hold the banquet in Hong Kong or a minor-scale wedding in overseas.