Coronavirus is spreading worldwide and many Western countries are tested positive. On 14th March 2020, Spain had 6250 infections and 193 deaths. Hence, Spanish government decided to declare a 15-day national lockdown to battle coronavirus.

As Gigi Leung (梁詠琪) travelled to Spain to visit her relatives with her family during lunar new year, she returned to Hong Kong 7 days ago and resumed her work. Gigi had made safety precautions and shared a short video clip of her work status.

Gigi said: “I have returned to Hong Kong in early March because of my work. We travel to Spain to visit my husband, Sergio’s relatives in his hometown and do not go to Madrid at all. The virus is spreading rapidly and we keep reminding our family members to wash their hands frequently. While staying at his parent’s house, my daughter, Sofia helps to mop the floor and clean the surrounding. We also wear face masks and clean the seat and our hands in the plane. Sofia is very obedient and hopefully there will be a cure soon. Most important, everyone must stay healthy.”