Selena Lee (李施嬅) travelled to Canada to film series earlier. On 17th March 2020, she revealed the shooting was halted because of coronavirus and safety of the staff. As a result, Selena could only return to Hong Kong on 29th March as the flight tickets were sold out.

Selena posted an online message: “Lately, I heard the filming for other production teams such as Titans and Handmaid’s Tale had suspended. Hence, I am worried about the shooting for my own film and it finally happens now. Although it will be wrapped up in 2 weeks time, but our health are the most important. I have no idea when the filming will resume and we are going to be stronger upon returning next time. Everyone is home now and I cannot return to Hong Kong as there is no flight ticket available. The earliest is 29th March? #covid_19 feeling panic is the worst symptom.