It was Ali Lee’s (李佳芯) first time to sing a song (幸運是我) in TVB show, Cantopop At 50 (流行經典50年) on 18th March 2020. When reminded about receiving criticisms about singing the song (小幸運) previously, Ali believed the luck was different this time: “I feel I sing well this time. Anyway, I am joking. Singing is a professionalism and I do not work together with a live band before. Hence, I feel stressful, tired and it resembles to shooting 10 drama.” She added she took 10 singing lessons and received compliments from the teacher: “I cried during the first lesson as the lyrics make me feel very touched.”

Mentioning that she was pointed about not participating in Big White Duel 2 (白色強人2) drama, Ali replied she was only aware of it after reading the news and had not received the official notification: “I do not feel disappointed if without my share. Anyway, Kennis had a gun shot in the first season and I will accept it if she does not appear in the sequel as it proves she is dead.”