Selena Lee (李施嬅) stayed in Canada earlier and finally returned to Hong Kong at 5.45pm on 23rd March. She wore a face mask and carried a portable air purifier on her neck. During an interview, Selena expressed she took 30 minutes to complete the inspection procedures and will be returning home thereafter.

Selena revealed the citizens begun to panic in Canada and there were few people at the hotel lobby. During her stay, she called for food delivery services and rejected to take photo with her fans politely when going for hiking: “Majority of the people are not wearing face masks and I feel lucky that I am not discriminated. Although Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) offers to let me stay at her place, but I feel it is inconvenient as she has to take care of her family. Overall, she is a good friend indeed.”

When asked about her work arrangement, Selena replied she had no idea and it depended on the local situation: “I had self-isolated for 12 days when travelling to Canada and another 14 days after returning to Hong Kong. It feels like an “isolated year” as need to self-isolate upon travelling to Canada again. I am going back home immediately and should be training at home. I am not worried about hunger as can order food delivery anytime.”

Selena added she only drank liquid, slept with an eye mask and covered herself with a blanket in the plane. Mentioning about her good friends, she responded they were very worried about her: “I know they are joking when talking about chartering a private plane for me. Thank you for their concern.”