Many artistes love to go for hiking so as to maintain their fit body shapes and take beautiful photos in recent years. On 20th March, Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) revealed she went for jogging with her friends to Kowloon Peak via her Instagram and it was her first time without stopping halfway. Subsequently, they went for breakfast at Tim Choi Kee (添財記) recommended by Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) and felt satisfied overall.

Natalie posted a message: “I am clueless about my courage. I wake up at 5am and jog with a group of old classmates to Kowloon Peak. Although I did not stop while jogging to the mountain, but my speed is considered slow. Thank you to my coach, Andy and it is not bad for my first attempt. Well, at least I do not give up at all.” She also urged everyone to take care of themselves well and continue to support local businesses: “You can call for delivery if dare not eat outside. Please support local food businesses. We are in this together.” Natalie’s first hiking trip won compliments from many netizens and her good friend, Sharon Chan (陳敏之) said: “It is totally unexpected.” Stephen Wong (黃嘉樂) praised she was good and Joel Chan (陳山聰) commented: “Wow, you even patronise Tim Choi Kee and we can go for hiking together.”