Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) turned 43 year old on 23rd March and his wife, Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) shared their photo online. On the following day, he continued the filming for new period drama (一笑渡凡間) at TV City and had a simple dinner with Priscilla at home, as the government urged the citizens to avoid gatherings. When asked if he had an upset stomach as Priscilla cooked ramen for him and prepared a birthday cake, Edwin said: “You are very mean. It is very delicious.”

Edwin revealed he had a leg injury and Priscilla accompanied him to go for physiotherapy on his birthday: “She takes good care of me when I am injured. (Help you to take shower?) No need but Priscilla uses ointment to rub my injured feet every night though.”

In addition, Edwin disclosed his burger store was shut down permanently last year. Asking about his baby plan, he replied his career was his top priority and Priscilla will be shooting new drama in May. During the interview, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) happened to walk past and gave his blessings to Edwin. He also played a joke that the company specially gave him a day off to celebrate birthday at home.

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