Fala Chen (陳法拉) and her French husband, Emmanuel Straschnov (司馬諾) decide to relocate to America after tying the knot and she will return to Hong Kong whenever there is work available. Evidently, coronavirus in the US is becoming serious and there were 26, 747 confirmed cases and 340 deaths on 21st March.

Fala uploaded photo of 2 face masks sewed by her mother personally and praised she was amazing: “My mother is indeed creative! We can reuse the face masks as long as putting in a thick piece of tissue paper. We must wash the face masks upon using it everytime and everyone should stay at home, except for buying essentials. Remember to wear face masks and thank you to my mother for making it for my friends. You are wonderful!”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20200322/1584874441009/%e3%80%90%e7%be%8e%e5%9c%8b%e7%96%ab%e6%83%85%e5%9a%b4%e9%87%8d%e3%80%91%e9%99%b3%e6%b3%95%e6%8b%89%e8%ae%9a%e5%aa%bd%e5%aa%bd%e8%a3%bd%e4%bd%9c%e5%8f%af%e9%87%8d%e7%94%a8%e5%b8%83%e5%8f%a3%e7%bd%a9%e5%a4%a0%e5%89%b5%e6%84%8f