Kathy Chow (周汶錡) and her French husband, Julien Lepeu are married for 8 years and he was discovered to kiss a foreign woman at Deep Water Bay earlier. After keeping silence for several weeks, she finally uploaded photo of herself celebrating her younger son, Avner’s birthday online and hinted to forgive Julien: ” ❤️ Thank you to my family and friends for showing concern for these past few years. Sorry for making you worried about me lately and it is an important lesson in my life. I will try to do my homework well and seek for improvements. I believe love will change and solve our relationship problems. I will continue to work hard for my family and children. I feel very grateful to what I have today and hope everyone stays healthy during these uncertain times. Love you all! 🙏🙏 🎂Happy 3rd birthday to our wonderful son 😘. Love you Avner Lepeu.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20200322/1584880980372/%e5%91%a8%e6%b1%b6%e9%8c%a1%e5%8e%9f%e8%ab%92%e6%b3%95%e7%b1%8d%e8%80%81%e5%85%ac%e5%87%ba%e8%bb%8c-%e6%88%91%e5%80%86%e4%bb%8d%e7%84%b6%e7%9b%b8%e4%bf%a1%e6%84%9b%e8%83%bd%e6%94%b9%e5%96%84%e5%bd%bc%e6%ad%a4%e9%97%9c%e4%bf%82