As coronavirus is spreading rapidly, many citizens are staying at home but several artistes continue to work. Vincent Wong (王浩信) is currently filming new drama, Legal Mavericks II (踩過界II) and finally shared 2 photos on 23rd March, after his last update on Instagram 3 weeks ago. One photo showed his half-naked body and he wrapped up the showering scene. He expressed he finally completed the court scenes for the past 19 consecutive days: “It is a very difficult mission to me. I work for 12 hours and take 2 to 3 hours to study the script daily. I feel tried upon memorising the dialogues for the court scenes every time and told myself to take a good rest, before continuing on the next day.

I no longer feel nervous on the 15th day and need to prepare my last shower scene, but begin to feel dehydrated though. I drink 8L, 4L, 2L and a sip of water from the first, second, third to last day. There is a difference when encountering 2 different environments.

Finally, I wrapped up the last scene. Sorry for being long-winded. I believe the difficult processes will enrich my learning experiences and it resembles to helping a victim in each case. I realise I cannot remember anything once feeling nervous. Wait a second, it depends on your angle and will be over after a certain period of time. Please continue to support me. #legalmavericksii #let’s fight together”