Joey Yung (容祖兒) was under quarantine for 14 days immediately after her return to Hong Kong from her world tour concert in Europe. 26th March was her last quarantine day and she continued to share video clip of herself preparing meals at home online. Joey expressed she will try to stay at home frequently even after self-isolation as freedom required self-discipline.

Joey posted a message below the video clip: “Somebody asks me about the first stuff that I want to do after the quarantine period is over. I replied treating my shoulder as I cannot sleep in side way after returning from Europe. It is painful even when I lift up my hands. I can finally seek for treatment after bearing with the pain for several days. However, it is best to stay at home unless there is an emergency as you can go out and enjoy quicker, provided you stay at home frequently. The main point is I will be accompanying everybody.”

On the same day, Joey demonstrated about making Taiwanese omelette and her mother sent a message to her, upon seeing many food ingredients at home. Joey said: “My mummy begins to have a headache when seeing many food ingredients at home. She told me to finish everything so as not waste it.”