It turns out that artistes do feel lonely at times. Hong Kong star Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) begins her quarantine period for 14 days immediately after her return from Malaysia a few days ago. Although her husband, Michael Lai (賴弘國) and she announced about making baby actively, but it is hard to finalise the plan when they live in Taiwan and Hong Kong. During this period, Gillian keeps training and exposes her Chanel stuff accidentally.

Around 2am on 31st March, some netizens discovered Gillian used her real name to order 2 songs (淡黃的長裙) and (蓬鬆的頭髮) when watching the live broadcast of a Chinese actor (余衍隆) who is 19 year old. She transformed into a little fan and gave lots of presents to him. Within a night, Gillian spent HKD$63,000 on the actor and it is equivalent to 3 months wages of a salaried worker.

In addition, Gillian chatted to the netizens while listening to songs and revealing that she started to notice his live broadcast 2 days ago because of his good looks. Hence, she is suspected to watch it more than once and slammed by the netizens again through online messages: “It is unexpected that Gillian is a lustful woman and can do anything by using her wealth. Too good looking! No wonder she is watching his live broadcast.” Ever wonder if Michael is aware of it?