Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) expressed she needed to keep a distance from Benz Hui (許紹雄) when shooting new drama, Armed Reaction 2020 (陀槍師姐2020) together on 31st March. Jessica explained she kept coughing earlier and suspected she was infected from coronavirus. Subsequently, she went for a test and the result showed it was negative. Hence, 31st March was her first working day after resting for 9 days.

Jessica disclosed the doctor prescribed antibiotics initially as she was coughing and her body felt aching only. She went to see the doctor again due to 2 similar symptoms as coronavirus and he agreed to do a test for her reluctantly: “Because it causes serious impacts and I will pass the virus to everybody especially without wearing face masks at work. I feel relieved after undergoing for a quick test and let’s wait and see the government’s strategy.” Jessica added she wore face mask and drank honey water during her free time in order to prevent infection.

Benz confessed he looked calm and relaxed on the surface but full of anxiety in his inner heart, but less paranoid when compared to Jessica. When asked about his method to prevent infection, he said: “I usually stay at home other than going to work.”