All schools in Hong Kong are closed temporarily because of coronavirus and it is believed the parents are having headache to organise activities for their children. Other than promoting TVB drama lately, It appears that all Raymond Wong’s (黃浩然) work are suspended and he decided to take his family to the beach. An Apple Daily HK (蘋果) reader named Sammy reported through (爆相爆片) that he discovered them at St. Stephen’s beach not long ago.

Around 4pm on that day, Raymond parked his vehicle at the car park and carried the toys, picnic mat and other stuff with his wife, Kaka. Once alighting from the car, his children ran to the beach and removed their shoes to play sand immediately. The adults begun to prepare the stuff and Raymond removed his top revealing his muscular body to enjoy the sun tanning.

After a short while, Kaka went to pick up beautiful sea shells and showed it to her sons. They then played with water while Raymond continued his sun tan and looked after their belongings. He also took photos with his family and they left together after 2 hours later.