TVB artiste Aurora Li (李君妍) is confirmed to be infected with coronavirus and Snow Suen (孫慧雪) is extremely worried, since hosting All Things Girl (姊妹淘) show with her previously. Hence, she booked a hotel room to self-isolate but the staff requested her to check out on the 6th day and she sat in her husband, Edwin’s car, while waiting to stay in another hotel.

At 1pm on 5th April, Apple Daily HK (蘋果) discovered Snow was in full gear while staying in Edwin’s vehicle parked at Tsing Fung Street. When the reporters walked up towards her for an interview, Snow adjusted the height of the car window immediately to form a barrier. She frowned and said helplessly: “The hotel staff told me to leave once the news is released. I told my hubby to keep a distance from me but he insists to give me a lift and looks for new hotel. I cannot check in now and it is impossible to take public transport. I will be extra careful and Edwin will disinfect his car thereafter. (Do you miss your son, Riley?) Yes, very much. (How is your health?) I am frightened and did cough a few days ago. I also went for a test and the result will be released after 2 days later.”

After buying toiletries at a convenience store for his wife, Edwin proceeded to buy meal boxes and drove to a house in Mid-Levels. When the reporters contacted Snow about her health condition again, she said: “I keep coughing probably because of the air tube and normally stop after drinking warm water. I have no fever and Edwin told me to remain calm.” Subsequently, she praised her husband was very thoughtful, bought meal boxes and looked for a hotel for her: “He makes the arrangements and it is not easy. (Do you blame the hotel staff?) Nope. I understand everyone is worried during this virus period. I also feel worried despite keeping a distance.”