Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) is under quarantine for 14 days after her return from Canada to Hong Kong. For the past few years, she focuses on managing her wine business and sets up a wine bar, Racks City in 2013. However, her business is affected due to the coronavirus outbreak. On 2nd April, Food and Health Bureau ordered to shut the wine bar for 14 days from next day onward.

When asked if the closure increased her burdens, Bernice replied to Apple Daily HK (蘋果): “In fact, I already closed the bar for a week before the restriction is imposed. It does not really cause much impacts as I am planning for the renovations. The bar is established for many years and we take care of our regular customers well. Initially during coronavirus period, we clean it regularly and provide anti-bacterial hand sanitiser to the customers and decide to shut, upon becoming a serious situation. It is normal to make a loss as everyone stays at home all the time.”

Mentioning about the quarantine period, Bernice isolated herself from her beloved dog once reaching home: “It has been a few days since returning to Hong Kong. I clean my house and isolate myself from my dog in order to play safe. My mother also stays in another place. Anyway, I love to stay at home and my elder sister places the food outside the door. I should be quite busy and need to write some papers too.”