On 4th April, Joe Chen (陳喬恩) turned 41 year old and could not celebrate her birthday with her boyfriend, Alan Chen (曾偉昌) because of the lockdown in Malaysia. Earlier on Instagram, he shared their photo and confessed his lovesickness: “I miss the times we watch movie together. I miss pineapple bitter gourd chicken soup.”

At night on 4th April, Alan uploaded Joe’s photo and wrote on Instagram: “Happy Birthday my love!” A day after, he shared photo of themselves having dinner together and included cake emoji on it: “Queen, Birthday vibe goes on, and sorry I could not be there.” It looks like he feels very disappointed as they cannot celebrate her birthday together.

On the other hand, Joe is busy working and the team prepares a surprise party for her. She uploaded a short video clip and they prepared 41 presents such as an electric vehicle, popcorn machine, shower foam and an old newspaper with her exact birthday date for her. Joe felt extremely touched and nearly cried as the team took 2 weeks to prepare the party.

Also in the video clip, Joe made wishes in front of the gigantic birthday cake prepared by the team: “Thank you to the team! Wishing everyone stays healthy and the virus will be over soon!” Although her birthday wish is related to the virus, but Joe forgets to wear face mask and blow out the candles directly.

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/entertainment/20200406/TJOK62MJGMNKFRZ3EYM2O7AJZM/