Former TVB actor Andy Tai (戴志偉) is exposed for having a scandal with his subordinate, Candy in the insurance company. He felt annoyed and took photos of the media when trying to interview him earlier. Other than having a boyfriend named Terry, Candy has a messy love life and a son as a single mother, according to her secondary school classmate.

When asked about his extra-marital affair, Andy had a change of attitude when replying to Apple Daily HK (蘋果) during a telephone interview on 8th April: “I am good. Please give me some privacy and thank you for the concern. Let’s talk about it again next time. (Did you explain to your wife and sons?) I need some time to handle it. We will chat again. Thank you.” He hanged up the phone hurriedly.

Recently, the insurance firm transferred Candy to another team and Andy explained they were good friends during an interview. He also defended Candy that she was a good and innocent girl and told the media to let her off.