After breaking up with her doctor boyfriend, Martin (鍾文浩) in last December, Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) and he were discovered to meet up for dinner on this Valentine’s Day. Subsequently, she clarified her father was late for the meeting and it was not a reconciliation.

Around 5.30pm a few days ago, Apple Daily HK (蘋果) reader, Ms Chow (周小姐) reported through (爆相爆片) that she saw Martin and a woman with long hair watched sunset together at Lau Fau Shan. It is very romantic and he is suspected to find new love quickly. Ms Chow said: “They hold hands upon alighting from the vehicle and watch sunset together. I suspect they are dating. Initially, Martin wears a face mask and appears to be extra cautious but the woman does not wear it and carry a branded handbag.”

Martin was dressed up casually while the woman wore a tight fit top revealing her good body figure. While taking photos together, Martin removed his face mask and Ms Chow continued: “They behave intimately and kneel down to touch sand and watch crabs together. Although they disinfect themselves after that, but the safety precaution appears insufficient.” Both then drove away after 30 minutes later and Martin smiled back upon discovering someone was taking photos.

Apparently, Crystal perceives Martin as her marriage partner and keeps mentioning his name after crowning Ms Hong Kong. In 2019, she paid the down payment for the flat without adding her name in the title deed but they split up in December, due to the conflicts when living together. Finally, they advertise the flat out for rental after ending their 4 years relationship officially.