Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) makes full safety precaution because of the increased infections of coronavirus from overseas.

Although she does not stay at home for self-isolation frequently, but Carina reinforces the safety measures whenever going out each time. On 5th April, she shared her selfie wearing a hat with gigantic sunglasses and face mask in a private vehicle. Carina posted an online message: “Crazy!” As she loves to dress up, it is indeed “crazy” for her but some fans consoled her that it was to play safe.

A few days ago, Carina wore a black outfit with pink hat and white gloves at her friend’s birthday party and was pointed to have the shadow of superstar Michael Jackson. Also while having dinner in a restaurant at the Central, she said excitedly when dancing: “Hello! Booked the whole restaurant!” It looks like she is trying to make herself happy during the virus period