Former TVB actor Andy Tai (戴志偉) usually plays a villain or heartless man in the drama. In reality, he has a blissful family and 2 sons and becomes an insurance manager after leaving TVB in 2011. Andy treats his wife well and fetches her to and after work. However not long ago, he is discovered to having an extra-marital affair with a young female colleague named Candy and hold hands together when going out.

Based on the information, the underground romance lasts for several months and the company decides to transfer Candy to another team in order to protect its image. She is also forbidden to return to the workplace and ordered to stay at home.

In addition, Candy has a boyfriend, Terry and it becomes a complicated situation. During the relationship, he treats her very well and shares their intimate photos online frequently. Both celebrate their birthday together every year and Terry prepares a party for Candy, in order to make her happy. They go through happy and difficult times together but Candy betrays him eventually.